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Updated 23 March, 2012 – CERA announce more homes in red zone  251 properties bordering the Avon River re-zoned from orange to red today.

My Property – search by address to find the land zone and technical category that applies to your Canterbury property. 

22 February, 2012 – The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) opened Christchurch’s red zone to media this month – the video takes you on a slow ride through town with accompanying commentary on what’s going, what’s gone and what may stay. The broken and open spaces are hosting a gradual return of vegetation and birdlife….thanks Daniel Tobin for compelling footage…watch it here

One year on from the Christchurch earthquake of 22 February, Prime Minister John Key has recalled his first impressions and actions: On the future – (Christchurch) “will be vibrant…and a great place to live…there’s the capacity now to develop a city from base zero, which you don’t normally get”…watch the video

Updated 18 January 2012 – Some good news just released from Red Cross:

Applications for the Independent Advice for Small Business grant (announced 11 Jan 2012) are available through Recover Canterbury.  A business wanting to apply for the grant can contact Recover Canterbury on 0800 50 50 96 or at

Good information here: for information on grants

Radio NZ National

One Stop Shock – Earthquake recovery information sheet (PDF) from the good folk at Print it and keep handy.

Canterbury Earthquake – News and Resources (

Christchurch Earthquake (archive – no longer updated)

Government Hotline for emergency assistance: 0800 779 997

For local emergencies: 111

 About Liquefaction

(ARCHIVE 2011)

Media Release: Tuesday, 31 May 2011 12:20 p.m.
Subject: Red Cross Commission announces grant for power for elderly

Red Cross Commission announces grants for power for the elderly and a relocation grant for school children

Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Commission met in Christchurch on Monday and have confirmed two new grants to help Christchurch residents get back on their feet following the 22 February earthquake.

The first new grant will provide an electric heating subsidy to people over 65 who are living in a damaged home.

Sir John Hansen, chair of the Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Commission says the Commission sees helping people, particularly the elderly to keep warm in Christchurch this winter, as a top priority and the Red Cross Commission will be looking to assist other medically vulnerable people with winter heating costs

“We have looked closely at existing support to meet winter electricity and heating costs and have a new grant which will complement Government and other programmes.  It is clear from our discussions that the elderly residents of houses with earthquake damage need assistance urgently.  For every approved applicant the Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal will contribute $100 each month for four months directly to the electricity retailers.  There will be appropriate criteria to ensure only the approximately 5,800 eligible elderly households receive this support”.

The form and criteria for the Earthquake Winter Assistance Grant for the Elderly will be available on Wednesday 1 June and the grant will close on 27 June 2011.

The second new grant – Relocated School Children grant will cover pupils attending their existing school but commuting a significant distance because of earthquake damage to their houses, forcing them to relocate.

Hansen says, “This new schools grant reflects that there are costs and levels of issues being faced by children and families where their school has remained open but they have had to move.  The Commission has set up the Relocated School Children Grant to reflect the costs and issues faced by families. Those who qualify have combinations of damaged houses and streets and restricted services, the grants are not just covering school costs but reflect these hardship issues.”…

Over $64 million dollars has been raised to date in the New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal, with over $45 million is grants already disbursed to over 51,000 affected Christchurch residents.


Water and Wastewater

  • The two large shakes on June 13th (and the December 2011 events) damaged pipes again. Cross contamination is a risk when pipes break. Boil water until Council gives the all clear. Even once the pipes are repaired, tapwater will continue to be chlorinated as a preventative measure, until officials are confident their is no longer any contamination.
  • You can reduce that chlorine taste by filling jugs or bottles with the water and leaving them in the fridge or somewhere cool for a few hours or overnight (lids off works best).
  • Water conservation measures are still vital…the shorter the shower the better, and use quick (eco/time-saver) laundry and dish wash settings (you may have to open the door straight after the dishwasher cycle to dry off dishes – compared to normal settings, the eco setting generally uses lower water temperatures and less drying power, as well as less water.
  • Flush toilets sparingly and only if functioning properly. If your toilet blocks on flushing, don’t flush again – have a plumber check it out first.
  • Saving water from going down the sewer (using half flushes and running taps on less than their full pressure, for example) allows mains water pressure to rise, while keeping the strain off sewerage systems and reducing the contamination risk.

This 1996 video by the Inside NZ team is intriguing…and there’s a simple explanation of liquefaction. I can’t vouch for all content…scientific thinking can of course be subject to change.

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